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RealWay Australia aims to provide you with the latest industry and company news, as well as handy information to help you with buying, renting, selling or managing your property. It is an accumulation of recent real estate news, updates on our agencies, authoritative articles highlighting industry news, changing legislation, hints and tips and other insightful reads to keep you informed and abreast of current affairs. Want more news or information on a particular topic? CONTACT US today and one of our friendly staff will be happy to help you.  

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The RealWay Business Model

The Future Of Agency Operations It involves changing the organisational structure of the traditional real estate business model. The benefits of this include: Lower costs so increased profit Less sales person dependency More predictable income Easier to grow your rent roll Less management stress A superior client experience Why is this business model unique to RealWay? In 2003 RealWay started questioning the traditional real estate agency model. We saw so many agencies and sales people (including some of ours) come and go.  With many agencies trying to adapt to technology as it evolved in order to become a "more efficient" business all they were doing was making their businesses become more complex and stressful as more technology becomes available. Instead of just meeting client's needs, they spent their days trying to become computer experts. We recognise that running an agency is both complex and stressful prim...

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