GetReal Technology alone can not make you more successful as an agent

This episode of Notorious Rob who is a very influential real estate business blogger in the USA is worth watching by all selling Principals and Agents. He clarifies if you are not doing the basics correctly in your farming area so you become the "Mayor of your Area" then technology will not make you achieve this necessary goal. Technology can make you more efficient but we are a service industry. Clients buy "you" on the perceived basis we are the optimal person to firstly marketing then hopefully sell their valuable home at price they are satisfied to accept. We are the actual product the client is buying (not the house) and we need 3 elements in combination to achieve the prized dominant farming area market share to ensure long term success. It is termed 
" Know - Like - Trust" How is this achieved?
Technology doesn't alone makes you a stronger agent
Firstly you must be "Known" - this is a combination of recurring clients, referrals by others, physical marketing such as letterbox drops, community sponsorship and today a strong local targeted multi channel digital strategy. Secondly clients must "Like You" and this is simply about you a building professional relationship with them so they engage with you to sell their home. The Know gets you through the door the but Like is essential to the listing engagement. As a competitive personal services profession if they don't Like you they will politely show you the door and promise to call later (never). Thirdly the Trust is the leap of faith they have that you can achieve a result for them. Ideally this Trust is already partly achieved from them seeing your results in your farming area on the important "SOLD" stickers as well. At Realway Australia we believe these are far more valuable than billboards. Of course the the strongest Trust is achieved with the highly valued Personal referrals. 
Over a period of 5 years maximum your goal should be to have such a level of "Know - Like - Trust" you are heading to 50% and above of market share. This means eventually you achieve 90% of your listings without ever competing with others. They call just you to come and market and sell their most valuable asset - Their Home.  Click here to watch the Notorious Rob It is a bit rambling but worth the 8 minutes for valuable key message explained across with excellent examples across the whole video. Enjoy
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