Hints to a Successful Sale

  1. Spring Clean the entire home and tidy up gardens and lawns
  2. Space Sells - Clear away all clutter
  3. Don't Spend Big Money - Spending money on carpets and paint will not sell your property. Prospective buyers may not share your taste and you will want to add to the price!
  4. Little Things Count - Fix all sticking doors/windows, loose doorknobs and faulty plumbing
  5. Highlight Your Home - Create brightness and lightness by opening window furnishings and switching on strategic lights to brighten up gloomy spots prior to the arrival of prospective buyers
  6. Pets - Ensure your pets are restrained whilst inspections are taking place
  7. Little Extras - The lady of the house appreciates a clean kitchen and sparkling bathroom and a vase of fresh flowers can also welcome prospective buyers into your home.

Create a home that potential buyers can see themselves living in!