Join a Team who achieve success together

Celebrating together as part of RealWay
RealWay Teams are proving our boutique and community based model is achieving success.Ultimately we know the RealWay brand is only part of your success. What we can demonstrate to you is if you have the right drive and mindset of respect, ethics and service to your valuable clients you can achieve tremendous results with the RealWay Team. We have offices achieving large market shares in their respective communities. Our fair flat fee model allows the ongoing income growth of your hard fought market share to flow to your pocket not ours. We have a number of principals who are easily in the top 10% of selling principals in the country so we can prove bigger is not always better. 
This fair approach to fees means you get all the ongoing benefits of working with other members of the RealWay family along with the important and valuable benefit of never being on your own even on the tough real estate days. The branding is available off the shelf so you can get on with selling or renting not having to work with graphic designers etc.
The RealWay community is always on the end of a phone to assist you. The CEO Greg Watson will answer your calls 7 days a week because he knows his role is to serve you. He loves to see you succeed. You can talk to highly experienced real estate professionals not someone who has never truly run a successful office.  Our knowledge, buying power and priority supplier service will save you time and money at every step on your exciting new venture.
Becoming your own boss to finally get control 100% of your sales or rental income is far easier and faster with the guidance and support of the RealWay Team.
We can assist in every scenario and if head office doesn't have the answer you seek we will locate one of the vastly experienced and high achieving RealWay team members to willingly assist you.

Our teams celebrating their success


When we gather annually to celebrate many of our key business suppliers who join us always comment on the impressive RealWay team culture. They are amazed how happy they are to see each other succeeding. 

Our culture is based on respect and co-operation. Our teams assist and inspire each other not only annually but every day.  


We often say "success and scaling a growing a successful business has issues". Such as when you need to employ extra people, understand the ever changing technologies in real estate today etc. Often we simply don't have the time on our own to foresee upcoming requirements and challenges as we grow so our co-operative and high performing team will with our proactive approach make your this road far easier.


All with the benefit of not giving the brand more and more of your income as you grow for for the same service. Greg Watson the owner of RealWay was a principal in a percentage of turnover brand and his frustration at giving a brand more of their sales and business income the harder they worked for no extra service. When he questioned why he should pay more than the same smaller branded office for the same support they couldn't answer this simple question with a logical response so when the time came to renew after 10 years he left and joined RealWay. They took the franchise fee savings of 80% per annum and invested the money into their local image and branding and within a year they were a far more profitable and larger sales office. This REAL truth of the actual value of a brand in real estate is what inspires him every day to help his principals and teams get the REAL benefits of their hard work. 


Why not call Greg Watson CEO today on 0407 122398 before you make the decision to go out on your own as an established brand or even an independent. With our new and innovative REGAL model you can start from home as a mobile office and as you become more and more successful we assist your growth for no extra cost.