Join RealWay

Being in a group has many advantages.

The primary advantages being the knowledge supplied by the corporate team, having peers within the brand with whom to collaborate with and using the collective business tools and buying power of a group. 

Ongoing research into rapidly evolving technologies in the real estate industry is done on your behalf by our specialist team which saves you having to listen to a supplier sales representative about products they assure will make your business more profitable. This can be both time consuming and confusing. At RealWay Australia, we do the listening, allowing you to save time, and together we can determine whether it will add value to your business.

Building a business and moving from being a single operator to a large operation has many challenges in itself and can take many years and going from being a salesperson to the principal is a harder transition than many people realise. This is where we can assist and set you on the right path. We are right beside you all the way.

With our vast experience and group knowledge, we can help you at every stage with your business growth. With education on avoiding the stresses and financial issues that come with growth and success. At RealWay for a set monthly fee, we partner your business success, with all the benefits going to you.

Using an established brand can save time and money in creating and evolving your image. Why reinvent the wheel? To design even the simplest marketing tool is very time consuming. Our image is a constantly ongoing project.  We assist you in both generating and maintaining your market presence. We understand that design work doesn't pay the bills, but it still plays an integral part in the success of your business, after all, image is everything! 

How much can you expect to pay for these benefits?  Unlike other real estate brands, you do not need to hand over a percentage of your income. Our fixed monthly fee creates a fair and beneficial solution that allows you to join a group and still afford the technology you need to compete in today's dynamic real estate market.