RealWay Launches REGAL Business Model in 2018

REGAL by RealWay - Designed for your Future

RealWay is pleased to announce an exciting and major change to our business model. We are moving to a the dynamic REGAL agreement.

This stands for RealWay Exclusive Geographical Area Licence. Explore this innovative business model here at

Real estate is changing due to the mobility provided by all the technology they require to achieve top the results for their clients and themselves is either on their mobiles or in a cloud based software.

There is no need to have all the costs of a fixed office for either the agent or the principals. It creates a win / win. This unique and innovative business model allows the certainty  of a licenced area and the valuable certainty of our monthly fixed licence. It is designed to allow you to operate your business the way you want but always with the ongoing supportive community and knowledge of the well established brand of RealWay. Call Greg Watson the CEO on 0407 122 398 to find out more or email