Slow Housing Markets Have Many Challenges – Most of All on Your Income! This Can Create a Lot of Stress.

Listings are harder to find, and sellers’ expectations can be above the market’s.  This can mean that sales volumes  fall no matter how hard you work.  Therefore, this will have a major impact on your sales income either as an office or an agent.  What really can annoy you is how much the brand still takes from you in the tougher times.

Not at RealWay.  We truly understand and always respect that the real reason you succeed is because you work hard in your market.  We also know the reason your clients choose you every time is because they know you, like you and trust you to sell their homes.  Every experienced agent knows this is true.  It is not the brand.  You did the work at the coalface, not them.

Therefore, at RealWay we never understand why offices and agents give a brand so much of their hard-earned fees.  Our role is to assist and guide you through the slower markets rather than taking a large percentage of every sale you make.  That is simply not fair.  It is not the RealWay.

Is the Brand Being Fair to You When Times Are Tough?

So why should the brand profit more from your harder work?  You are the one that must work harder to make your listings more competitive than all the others so that they are saleable.  The results are from your skill and your tenacity in slower markets, not the brand’s.

The fair thing is for the brand to acknowledge this truth.  In tough markets your income can fall, no matter how hard you work.  This is why RealWay is a flat fee.  It doesn’t punish you financially in a slower market, but when the market improves you prosper even more with RealWay.  This is why RealWay Principals and their valued teams know it is smart choice to be part of the RealWay community through every market cycle.

It is Even More Important to Invest in Your Personal Profile in Slow Markets

Our research has shown and our knowledge has confirmed that if you stop advertising your services in slower markets you can make it even worse for yourself.

It’s important that you always invest in your personal profile, in your community, in either a slow or booming market for you to thrive.  At RealWay your savings from not paying a percentage of turnover on your deals can give you a lot more money to invest in profile.

Do You want to Earn More in Every Market? 

So call Greg Watson today on 0407 122 398 or complete the contact form below to request a call or find out more about how we can help you grow your business and save you money.  RealWay’s newly launched, exclusive and unique licensed geographical business model, provides the benefits to you of being part of a dynamic team at a fair and fixed fee.

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