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RealWay Teams are proving that our boutique flexible licence based business model achieves success.  What we can demonstrate to you, is that if you have the right drive, mindset, ethics and service, you can achieve tremendous results with the RealWay Team.  We have offices achieving large market share in their respective communities with a number of our principals in the top 10% of selling principals in the country. We can prove bigger, is not always better.

The RealWay community is always on the end of a phone to assist you with Greg Watson (Managing Director of RealWay) available 7 days a week to take your call.

Our knowledge, buying power and priority supplier service, will save you time and money.

Becoming your own boss, taking control of 100% of your sales or rental income, is far easier and faster, with the guidance and support of the RealWay Team.



Greg, was a principal in a percentage of turnover brand and was frustrated at giving a brand more of the sales income the harder he worked, for no extra service.  When the time came to renew his franchise agreement after 10 years, he left and joined RealWay.  His office took the franchise fee savings and invested the money into local image and branding and within a year, were far more profitable than when working under a commission based franchise brand.

Now, Greg champions RealWay’s flat licence fee business model called REGAL – (RealWay Exclusive Geographical Area Licence).

Why not call Greg Watson today on 0407 122 398 before you make the decision to go out on your own as an established brand or even as an independent. With our new innovative licence business model, you can operate as a virtual office (home based) or as a physical (office based) real estate agency.