Local Knowledge + Compelling Marketing + Service = Results

Selling property can be exciting and rewarding but it can also be challenging. Make it easy on yourself by putting your next property transaction in the hands of a seasoned property professional at RealWay.

Methods of Selling Your Property

 1. Private Treaty
  • You decide the initial asking price.
  • When advertised, buyers will know your asking price.
  • Your home will compete against dozens of others based on that asking price.
  • You are in control of the sale and can refuse or accept any offer.
  • No set time-frame to sell your property which can result in a diminished sales price over time.
  • Contract is completed on the buyer’s terms, subject to finance, building & pest and other possible conditions.
  • Sale is subject to cooling off.
  • Inspections with buyers are conducted by appointment or at open for inspection dates.
 2. Auction
  • There is generally a 4-week Marketing Campaign prior to auction.
  • Buyers know there is a deadline to make up their mind.
  • There is no set ceiling on the price of your property.
  • People buy the property not the price.
  • Most inspections occur at open homes.
  • You determine the contract conditions in an auction sale.
  • You set a reserve price for the property which must be reached on auction day, for your property to be on the market.
  • Buyers are required to pay a 10% deposit and sign an unconditional contract on the fall of the hammer on auction day.
  • There is no cooling off period or building and pest conditions when auctioning.
  • Buyers must have finance arranged prior to auction.
  • You can accept a private treaty sales offer prior to auction if you wish.

Pricing Your Property

We will;

  • Thoroughly inspect your property.
  • Provide a current market analysis for your area.
  • Together, establish an asking price for your property.
  • Achieve the highest possible price for your property.



The property pricing pyramid above shows the balance in determining your property’s true market value. As the home’s asking price increases above market value, the number of potential buyers who will look at the property decreases. When the asking price starts to dip below market value, the number of potential buyers who will view the property increases.

Marketing Your Property

How much will it cost to market my property?

You will make the final decision on this.

We will recommend an appropriate marketing campaign to sell your property…but the final decision is yours.

The most important marketing time is the first few weeks.

Media Choices are;
  • Internet
  • Social media
  • Signage
  • Database
  • Inspection Invitations
  • Letter box drops