RealWay expresses our understanding of the situation that you are in right now.  The way Purple Bricks announced that it is exiting Australia has come as a shock and must have left you upset and bewildered.

RealWay can show how you can turn a negative into an absolute positive.

You’ve already left the old way of real estate behind when you embarked on a career with a hybrid, internet-based business model.

How Would You Like to Charge Your Full Worth and Also Control 100% of the Fees?

We admired Purple Bricks’ maverick approach to real estate sales.  We just didn’t believe it truly rewarded the hard work, skill and experience that you put into every sale.

RealWay is maverick as well.  The crucial difference is that you alone decide what you can charge for your valuable service, not us.  Flat fee or percentage commission – it is your choice.

So when we designed our own maverick approach, we always knew it should reward the agent like no other brand in Australia.  Imagine being part of a team whilst still being your own boss?

With the new and innovative REGAL by RealWay licence, you don’t need to work from a traditional sales office with all the false razzmatazz the old percentage of turnover brands seem to love.

With RealWay it’s Your Choice

When you’re in front of a client who is choosing the agent to sell their home you alone are in the best place to determine how to win the listing.  You listen to your clients and adapt your service to their needs.  There’s no formula that fits all.  You determine the sales commission that suits the service that the client wants.

You can still work from home and be completely mobile.  We have built Australia’s first virtual real estate office with all the technology and tools to let you work from any café.  You own your own suburb.  You can trade anywhere your clients are.  Importantly you can work with an existing RealWay office.  They will take great care of that crucial but boring administrative work for a fee if you choose.

You can choose how much you work or how fast you grow.  RealWay is flexible.

Let’s Talk

RealWay is authentic.  We’re about the people we serve and how we can get them the best results.

We really want to hear from you about how we can provide the right solution for your real estate business.  If you don’t mind, we’ll give you a call soon.



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